2. We had a day all about the Newton’s Cradle today. Watch to see us put it together outside the Grand Rapids Public Museum for this weekend’s Mini Maker Faire!

  3. A new CNC video is up! Check it out and learn about the hand jog.


  4. We’re looking for a few good coders for our web team. As it happens, our team is already made up of LGBTQ persons so we decided to keep it in the family.


  5. A fun new product that is perfect to show off your Michigan pride!

  6. Wanna see what we got up to recently at Detroit Maker Faire? Check it out!

  7. It’s all about clearing chips out in our latest CNC Training video!

  8. An all new department is up and running! Watch the building below, and if you haven’t been in to see it for yourself yet, be sure to join one of our free Saturday tours (12:30 pm) to come check it out!

  9. We have another dinosaur for you! Check it out!


  10. Internet!  You should be aware!