1. Today In history September 29th

    1996 - Nintendo 64 video game system debuts in USA (3 months after Japan)


  2. Today in history September 29th

    1982 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site


  3. Today in history September 29th

    1927 - Telephone service begins between US & Mexico

  6. We had a day all about the Newton’s Cradle today. Watch to see us put it together outside the Grand Rapids Public Museum for this weekend’s Mini Maker Faire!

  7. A new CNC video is up! Check it out and learn about the hand jog.


  8. We’re looking for a few good coders for our web team. As it happens, our team is already made up of LGBTQ persons so we decided to keep it in the family.


  9. A fun new product that is perfect to show off your Michigan pride!

  10. Wanna see what we got up to recently at Detroit Maker Faire? Check it out!